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Champagne Elevators, Inc. (504) 885-6213
3715 Division Street, Metairie, LA 70002
* Available in various lifting heights: maximum 14 ft.
* Weight capacity: 750 lbs.
* Speed: 15 to 21 feet per minute
* Custom built applications

Vertical Wheelchair Lifts
Vertical Wheelchair Lifts provide access to Porches, Entryways and Mezzanines. Wonderful space-efficient alternative to ramps, these lifts are easily installed and very user friendly.
Available for use:
Vertical Wheelchair Lifts are:
Powered by:
* Indoors
* Outdoors
* Private Residences
* Public Buildings

* Easily installed
* User friendly
* Space efficient
* Available in a variety of Platform Sizes
* Excellent alternative to ramps
* Require virtually no building modifications

* Electricity (110/115 Volt AC)
* Battery backup available