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* Maximum platform size: 9 square feet
* Maximum clear inside height: 4 feet
* Capacities: 75 lbs up to 500 lbs.
* Speed: up to 300 feet per minute
* Travel (number of floors): unlimited
The convenient way to transport materials from floor to floor. Historically, the dumbwaiter was used in the finest American and European homes. The name "dumb" means "silent." It was a way for wealthy people to be served without being subject to the prying eyes of the staff. In the modern day, dumbwaiters are becoming fashionable again because they take up very little space yet save the homeowner or businessman a trip up and down stairs to retrieve documents, meals or other necessary items.
Available for use:
Dumbwaiters are:
Powered by:
* Private Residence
* Public Buildings
* Marine Applications
* Restaurants
* Easily installed
* Space efficient
* Economical
* Available in a variety of platform sizes
* Available in a variety of weight capacities
* Can be custom built to meet your specific needs
* Electricity (110 Volt, 220 Volt, 208/220 Volt, single/three phase)